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The total customer and marketing solution to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and make your business grow. 

Sweet Analytics is a browser based customer and marketing analytics platform designed specifically to pull together the data from any (and all) online and offline interactions, giving a single, detailed view of which interactions are the most effective for driving sales.

Sweet Analytics Website: www.sweetanalytics.com 

Sweet Online Retail Index (FREE benchmarks service) Website: www.benchmarks.sweetanalytics.com

Contact: hello@sweetanalytics.com

Welcome to We are Chain, a Sales and Marketing Agence. We combine our years of experience with the latest technology to save you time and money and improve how you reach and convert your prospects into customers.


Contact: jim@wearechain.co.uk

Print personalised inserts while you pick and pack.

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Contact: dru@slippy.io

Nibble is the award-winning chatbot for ecommerce that lets customers make an offer on the product page for instant results. 

Contact: rosie@nibble.team

Tax Compliance with personal service and no hidden costs.

Our specialized local tax accountants will keep you VAT compliant in Europe.

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Contact: np@hellotax.com

Ampersand have developed a platform that is designed specifically to address the unique challenges of sales tax compliance in the USA.

Contact: Christian@ampersandaccounting.com

Links Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Etsy or TikTok to Xero or Quick Books


Contact: partnerships@linkmybooks.com

Ecomcy is a team of Amazon marketing experts based in the UK

Contact: business@ecomcy.com

Your Super Power for selling on Amazon

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Contact: jack.whitegold@eva.guru

We are a UK-based company that specialises in helping both Non-US and US clients become compliant when selling online in the US. In 2022 the total e-commerce sales in the US topped $875 Billion and it is only predicted to grow more and more. One of the biggest hurdles people face with selling online is sales tax. Sales tax in the US is one of the most complicated taxes and can become a headache for businesses selling online very quickly! 

Our team of consultants have assisted over 4000 businesses over the last 4 years. A few of the services we offer include Sales Tax Compliance; US LLC/Corporation Formation and EIN Formation; US Bank Formation; Sales Tax Filing; Sales Tax Exemption. We are an EXCELLENT-rated company on trust pilot with over 250 reviews

Contact: partnerships@rjmtaxexemption.com

Using a range of digital marketing strategies coupled with transparent pricing, we empower ecommerce founders and their teams to grow their revenue up to $2M plus. 

We help brands grow their online sales by creating an actionable road map. Using a strategy-first approach to marketing, we empower ecommerce founders to skyrocket their revenue to over $3m while maintaining healthy margins and their sanity.

Contact: aj@audaciouscommerce.com
Why Sell On Amazon Japan?
  • Population of over 126 million people
  • 4th biggest Amazon marketplace with over 100 million registered users
  • High GDP per capita, strong economy, more disposable income
  • Cultural affinity for online shopping
  • Proximity to China - if you source from China, shipping costs and times are significantly lower

Contact: dano@defdevice.com

Reduce cart abandonment

Behamics prevents cart abandonment in your store by predicting the reasons and displaying behavioral messages to support your customer’s decision without providing discounts or sending reminding emails.

Contact: claire.michaud@behamics.com

Blocks your discount codes being passed around the internet, improves attribution and reduces afiliate over payments.

Contact: jordan@veeper.com
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