Do inserts work?

The simple answer is yes! The level of response with depend on the strength of your offer and how close a match you chosen with your target audience. More often than not the initial influx of orders will cover the cost but calculate the life time value of your new customers rather than just a one off transaction

How much does it cost

We would recommend paying around £50 per 1,000 flyers. It depends on the quantity you are sending and how long it will take the distributor to get them out in their parcels. DL size (recommended) are about £26 per 1000

What ROI can I expect

The industry standard is between 2 and 5% however results as high as 20% can be achieved with the right offer and the right audience

Can I track the results

You should always track your marketing. Use an offer code on your flyer to track results and or have a "how did you hear about us" box on your web site and include "Flyer" as an option.

What sort of offer should I do

The easiest is a straight discount but make it a decent discount - 2% isn't going to cut it. Consider 3 for the price of 2 or a free gift but say how much it's worth eg.Fre Widget with every order worth £9.99

Why should I expect higher than average order values

Your flyer will come from a source that the customers already trusts and has confidence to buy from and so that trust will naturally include your flyer

What size flyer?

The most popular size is DL (100mm deep x 210) a printer can get 3 out of an A4 sheet and they are the most cost effective. However your Insert Distributor may allow you to send larger sizes if you need to.

Are inserts effected by GDPR

No. You will not be privy to any personal information of the receipient of your flyer

Why should I expect a higher conversion rate?

The flyer will come from a trusted source and you will have the buyers undivided attention

How many Inserts can I put in a parcel?

We would recommend a maximum of 5. More than this and the message will be diluted. The supplier should be told how many inserts there will be in an outgoing parcel

I don't know if my flyers have gone out

It may take a while if the distributor has flers backed up and a low number of orders. Keep in touch with your distributor and ask for update

Will it cost me to send flyers out

There will be a very small cost for staff to put the flyers in a box but the flyers should only weigh a few grammes and it is unlikely they will tip your package into the next weight band for charges.

Can I send a sample of my product

Yes, if the flyer Distributor is amenable to this - there may be an additional charge

Will my customers be happy receiving flyers in their parcel

Providing you have chosen great, relevant to them offers Yes! They will be pleased you have included them.

How can I track my insert responses?

One of the market leaders in tracking responses from all marketing is sweetanalytics.com